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Ramona Kossowan

Healthy Fit with Ramona


Ramona Kossowan created her business “Healthy Fit” to embody the lifestyle she enjoys and inspires other women and men to follow her example and care for their health as their greatest asset.

Healthy Fit’s studio is located in Crossfield where Ramona coaches clients with fitness training in small groups and one on one . Ramona has expanded her business to provide women with personal training and holistic health consulting services right in their own home with the Healthy Fit app.  She appreciates the way technology can support her clients anywhere they are. She is literally with them every step of the way via the Healthy Fit app.

Ramona actively promotes being “Fit over Forty” and embraces a whole health approach to wellness.

She specializes in both personal and online fitness training, healthy weight loss coaching, and health transformation through holistic programs that focus on the root of women’s health.

She is passionate about empowering women to achieve their potential as the most vital, balanced and youthful version of themselves.

Ramona’s message: “You can have a life, a family, a business and thriving health.  My passion is to coach you to that experience.”

“To get lasting, real results you  need to work on the areas of your health that others cannot see. All the rest of it will come as you take a whole health approach. I will help you to nurture what others cannot see, and it will show through in your results!”



Jenn R, Crossfield AB

   “Working with Ramona has done wonders for my body and mind! I had always struggled with reaching my weight loss goals as I would continue to plateau at a certain weight and could never seem to make any significant changes. There were some days that I had no energy at all and I was feeling tired and anxious a lot of the time. Ramona was able to help me get on track by providing me with some diet suggestions, herbal supplements and amazing strength training exercises. Being the mother of a child with special needs it’s not always easy to get to the gym so I really appreciated the flexibility in workout times and the ability to continue the workouts at home on my own. My energy level is at an all time high and I feel great! I highly recommend Ramona and Healthy Fit to help you find the best program that works for you and your own body. It has now been a year since this life style change and I can tell you that it’s achievable and manageable and feels fantastic!”


Tracey J, Utah

“Before I started working on my health with Ramona, I was struggling with chronic pain and constant fatigue.  I was popping pain killers all day long every day and relying heavily on caffeine. I’ve tried many products and programs without success.  NOW, just two months into my health program with her I’m OFF painkillers AND caffeine!
I’m so excited to finally be making some progress and I feel so much better already!”


Dina B, Calgary AB

“I have always worked out and eaten healthy throughout my life.  But, I started to feel bad and rundown.  For a few years I have been experiencing hot flashes, trouble sleeping, low energy and trouble with digestion and bloating.I had gone to 3 different naturopaths and my doctor over a period of 4 years to get help and nothing seemed to work.  I started to talk to Ramona and she suggested that I take a survey to help identify my issues.  Once I took the survey, she was able to identify the areas I needed help with and recommended some products.  Within 2 weeks of taking the products she recommended I felt a definite change in my body and how I felt.  I have been using my health products for a year now and it has changed how I feel and how my body functions.  I feel great most of the time!”

To learn more about Ramona and her programs, go to healthyfit.ca or email healthyfitrk@gmail.com



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