Art & Design


Chelsey Devauld

Chelsey Design
Freelance Graphic Designer, logos, business cards, print/web marketing
Creator of Munch-mats, personalized educational placemats for kids
Twitter @chelsey_design
Instagram @chelseydesign
Etsy Store: ChelseyDesignCanada


Lia Golemba

Pink Spot Studios
Art Director
Pink Spot Studios is boutique art and design company that creates perceptive, unconventional and transformative materials for niche brands, ranging from standard design portfolios to large-scale art installations and portraits.
Instagram: Pinkspots
Twitter: @PinkSpotStudios
Facebook: Pink Spot Studios


Suzy Rounce

Switchback Creative
Graphic designer, social media consultant, web designer, logos, print design
Creative Director, owner and mountain bike enthusiast
Twitter @switchback4ever

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